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Prophetic Ministry Training (Spring 2023)

Prophetic Ministry Training is a 5-week class in which you will learn the basic elements of the gift of prophecy and Bethel's core values for prophetic ministry. This foundational class is offered on weekday evenings several times a year, and is open to the entire Bethel family. Learn how the Lord can use you to edify and encourage the people and community around you through this precious gift of the Holy Spirit...

This class will activate you in not just the gift of prophecy, but more importantly, hearing the voice of God.  The fun and interactive format facilitates opportunities for participants to grow and practice in a safe and loving environment.  Grow in favor with God and man as you steward the gifts of the Spirit.  Those of all levels of experience in the gift of prophecy are welcome to attend this class! Because the teaching builds upon itself each week, the class will be closed to new attendees after the first week.

Come prepared to encounter the radical love of Jesus as you grow in your ability to hear His voice and feel His heart for you and others through the gift of prophecy!

This class fulfills one of the requirements to serve on our prophetic teams, unless you are a BSSM Graduate.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - Tuesday, April 4, 2023

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